Last Minute Road Trip to Coachella!!

The Digger One Hitter Booth will be in The Vestal Watch Village, catering to Kardashian fans, lol. We will also be roaming around the grounds. If you have a pass to Vestal Village Area, come say hi and get your Digger before they sold out!

Digger One Hitter Made Kim Kardashain’s Festival Packing list! Epic!

Kim Kardashians’s Festival Packing List Includes THE DIGGER……/kim-kardashians-go-to-festival-…

Double Digger Dugout & the Smoke Buddy – NEW

Hey all! Check out the new products that were just added to the site! The Double Digger Dugout, now your buddy doesn’t have to wait , isn’t that great! And the Smoke Buddy…the best smoke removal product in the world (according to Jonny B) . Start out the year with one of these great new products. [...]

The Digger One Hitter and Dugout – The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

It’s that time of year again, when we’re all looking for that perfect gift! Well check it out, the Digger One Hitter and Dugout Ultimate Smoking Kit is the answer. The Digger makes a great gift for yourself or your friends – and you can fit a whole bunch of Diggers in a [...]

You’re gonna want to buy this ashtray – The Smashtray, skull black ashtray

Hey Everybody, THE NEW SMASHTRAY is here!!!!!  This is the coolest ashtray on the planet.  The SMASHTRAY WILL NOT BREAK anything you tap on it, not even GLASS! It won’t melt or burn, and is MADE IN THE USA out of non-toxic, non-slip material.  It’s a great ashtray for boats, cars, outdoors and it [...]

Personal Portable Air Freshener – Dragon’s Breath

Check out this AMAZING new product called DRAGON’S BREATH. This is a personal air freshener that’s the size of a chap stick. There are many scents to choose from and it’s great for places where the smell of smoke is not wanted (cars, dorms, apartments, etc). Just blow through the Dragon’s Breath [...]

Diggerman Glass Stash Jar

A NEW addition to the digger family, the Diggerman Glass Stash Jar is great for use with your Digger One Hitter.  These  custom hand blown glass stash jars are made in Kapaa, Hawaii exclusively for The Digger One Hitter. I love mine because its a glass dugout that KICKS GLASS!  Check it out and get [...]

We’re gettin ready for the Cup!

We’re almost ready to go.  This is my first blog post for our new site so forgive me if I screw it up.  We have all our shirts and giveaways ready to roll and our 6 ft “Digger Man” is ready to travel (limp)!  WE ARE ON A MISSION TO WIN “BEST NEW PRODUCT” at the 2009 Cup. Thanks to everyone who has [...]

Our New Site

Welcome to the all new Digger One Hitter website!
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