Everyone loves The Digger®!

One of my favorite new products was the simple yet effective Digger, a unique innovation on the age-old-one-hitter. Forget about not being able to get the last bit … with this stealthy smoking device.

The Digger® took a 30 year old product and really made a substantial improvement. The Digger® gets the job done!

Whoa baby, now THIS is what a one-hitter should be. It’s small, portable (duh) and discreet. but what separates it from other one hitters is the inclusion of sharp teeth on the end…This piece ~ of heaven is pure win.

This is the best product I’ve seen in a long time. Absolutely brilliant!
– Portland, Maine

I love my Digger and am back to buy some for my friends and family.
– San Diego, CA

I refused to use a bat since they never worked, until I was introduced to the Digger®.
– Maui, HI

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