FSBS LLC (For Smokers By Smokers LLC) was formed by “THE DIGGER® BROTHERS” Jonny B and Brother Mark, in October of 2009 when we accidentally invented “THE DIGGER®”and realized we had stumbled upon something great.

We are “SMOKING ENTHUSIASTS, NOT A PIPE COMPANY” who just want to bring our great invention to our fellow “Enthusiasts”.

We couldn’t find our product available in any smoke shop and it worked 100% better than the current design of one hitter metal cigarettes and smoking bats. We just had to figure out some way to get this product into our fellow “Enthusiasts” hands because “it’s simply better”. So, we frantically made some prototypes by hand and began handing them out to our friends. They loved “THE DIGGER®” and wanted to know where they could buy one, but they couldn’t because it didn’t really exist yet. This lead us to file for a Patent and search the globe for manufacturing partners who could produce our new design and meet the highest quality standards. Once our manufacturing partners were secured we made it our mission to get “THE DIGGER®” ready for release on November 22, 2009 for The Cup.

Jonny B’z background is in International Logistics/Distribution and Brother Mark is a very successful musician and retail music store owner. Both Jonny B and Brother Mark have been traveling to Amsterdam and other “ENTHUSIAST” destinations since the mid 1990’s and have participated as judges and participants in “Events” all over the world!

We are “True Enthusiasts” who want to continue doing what we do best; making friends and HAVING FUN!