Top 5 reasons why you need The Digger One Hitter!

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5. Easy to Use for any smoker

The comfortable shape makes for easy lighting and smoking. Light Weight and easy to handle makes this the ultimate tool for a quick smoke anywhere for anyone.

4. Low Profile Look

The cigarette look and shape is discreet and very small.

3. Easy Clean

Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy! All you need is a pipe cleaner or a qtip! Run it through the center draw hole and Bam! You have a clean as new Digger One Hitter!

2. Travel Friendly

Picking which pipe or favorite smoking tool to bring on the go with you is a hard choice! Now that choice is made for you! With this unbreakable, pocket size easy to load One Hitter!

1.The Digger Tip Technology

Game Changer! This improvement upon the old school one hitter has taken the smoke world by storm! Never again will you go back to using the old flat style one hitter after you try a Digger One Hitter! The patented saw cut grinder teeth cut right into your product making for the easiest load you’ll ever experience!


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